Investigating the life of things across space and time

Cloud chorus (2010)

digital recording; 2.45 mins

A collage audio piece recorded live on my phone at a gathering in a flat in Hackney. I handed out sections of a landscape poem called The Seasons that I had written to the group of women who had assembled and we sat on the floor in a circle. My brief was for a group reading with the catch that we would all start at the same time, but no one could speak over anyone else. The organic poem that unfurled created a space of deep listening and shared breath. It was an exercise in concentration, listening and intuition. Afterwards, I recut and edited the recordings we made, layering voices and words into this track.

Voices include:
Jessica Harby 
Mika Hayashi Ebbesen 
Sarah Gillett
Evonne Mackenzie
George Mellor 
Amy Lay-Pettifer 
Holly Simpson  

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This audio collage is constructed from 20 versions of the ‘well scene’  in audiobooks of Alice in Wonderland. It is not about Alice, but is an exploration of falling and feelings in sound.

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