Investigating the life of things across space and time

The Seasons

light, fire, river
sparkle, sprout, bloom
minnow water
decayed, repulsive;

     early rain, soaking rain
     divination by bird’s flight,
     to hear and reply
     “ peacock ” –
     clearness, sky

the tree, trees
Time, now
to shake, to stir
swinging branches,
branches of a tree.

     The pit
     wing, to fly
     dim, faint, dark twilight
     looking into the Sun.

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Mantle: neon green background with a figure standing, a black cloth thrown over their head and body, with sky blue hose and black shoes. A strong black shadow extends from the feet out to the bottom edge of the image

Mantle (2016)

As if standing in front of a green screen this mysterious figure invites us to imagine a space in which anything is possible.

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Drawloom (Diagram for an artwork): Monumental fragments of landscape stand in a room.

Drawloom: Diagram for an Artwork (2014-2015)

Installation of glitches in landscape. Tiny fragments of tapestry are scaled up to monumental proportions, creating a pixelated, textural environment. This is a space where the real and the not-real exist together. Visitors are invited to read from books of interconnected short stories and inhabit this world.

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Cloud chorus: flower shape in green and yellow

Cloud chorus (2010)

A collage audio piece recorded live on my phone at a gathering in a flat in Hackney. I handed out sections of a landscape poem that I had written to the group of women who had assembled and we sat on the floor in a circle.

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